Local Bar Scene Not Thrilled with Latest Batch of Perverts

Growler’s Pub is pretty well known as a youthful hangout in the Sarasota area. Like any bar the crowd is mixed and gets the occasional creepers. The ratio of creeps to youth varies depending on a bar’s status, e.g. “dive” or “craft beer” or “music joint,” etc. Growler’s falls under the latter two.

Where there are young women you can always expects a batch of pervs. The batch is organic and cycles bringing in new pervs and removing others. According to patron reports, the latest batch “is just a little too creepy.”

Margo Jennson, an unemployed Ringling graduate with a worthless degree in Fine Arts, tells us “I like the creeps that hit on me. I can tell those pervs to shove off and it makes me feel good. These new guys now just sit and stare, I can feel them being all rapey with their eyes. I’m not a fan.”

Fortunately this batch will probably fade in a week or two allowing more aggressive pervs to come back.

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