Local Brewery Gaining Traction by Throwing Random Shit in Beers

Local brewery Big Top is gaining serious ground in the craft beer scene. After a difficult launch thanks to shitty beer, they found their calling and the craft beer nerds are flocking. The newest Lobster Tail IPA that has a lovely blend of three hops from New Zealand and dry-Maine Lobster Tailing post-fermentation has exploded in the area and is even extending to Orlando craft beer bars.

“We can’t hold onto a keg! We figured Big Top would change to making good beers to fix their bad launch. Boy were we wrong.” explains local bar tender and self-proclaimed craft beer enthusiast Flobert Gibson. “Instead they go with a crazy strategy where they still make shitty beer but they put really cool shit into it!”

We spoke with Big Top and they gave us a sneak peak of beers to come.

Lemon Lickin’ Lambic – Pilsner Malt, Old Saaz Hops and soured with bacteria from human mouths after chewing lemons and spitting them in the tank. The lemon juice adds a nice zest character
Money Shot Nut Brown Ale – Maris Otter Malt, Chocolate Malt, Crystal Malt, Fuggles Hops and Milked Cow Semen
Red Headed Step Son – An Irish Red Ale brewed with tears from abused children as the base water
Hardly Kosher Wheat – An American Wheat brewed with Amarillo hops, kosher dill pickles and pork chops

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