New Publix to Open on Top of Newest Publix

Publix announced plans to break ground, or should we say break roof, on top of the new Publix that opened last year on Bay Street, near the 41/301 intersection.

“Seeing as Bay Street is already two story (built on top of the parking garage) it only made sense to build the first Publix-on-Publix there,” we were told by Publix CEO William E. Crenshaw. “You see, sometimes you don’t want to go to the same Publix you always do, you wanna switch it up, so we give neighbors a whole new Publix! And they get to ride TWO sets of escalators!”

Crenshaw is very excited. He says there are plans for 8 more Publix-on-Publixes by 2020 and a total of 400 new Publixes in Sarasota alone.

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