New Taco Bus Location to Bring Mediocre Food to the Woefully Ignorant

The streets are already lined with people waiting for the new Taco Bus location to open in downtown Sarasota. In light of it not even opening til early 2015, these positive patrons continue to show their support.

“I quit my job to wait in this line. I have friends helping me with food and drink though. Although I haven’t had lunch in two days, starting to wonder where my buddies are with supplies. But staying positive! Gonna keep this number one spot!” Proclaimed a very adamant former Mr. Beery’s bartender.

While declining in positive reviews the small chain continues to expand. Wholly impressed by the cult-like following we are now seeing in Sarasota, we found a top corporate schmuck to give us a quick glimpse into their business strategy.

“We’ve found a strategy that works for higher profits includes building a brand on fresh ingredients and quality, then riding that brand with a shitty decline in food by suckering the brand praising idiots who follow the bright colors representing our formerly delicious dishes.”

Apparently an MBA goes a lot further these days than a liberal arts degree as we watch plenty of mom & pop style restaurants come and go in the area every year.

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