Reading Woman’s Facebook Timeline Reveals She has the Best and Worst Days of Her Life Every Week

During a routine market research analyzation of social timelines, our dedicated investigators discovered one woman who managed to have the best day of her life every week.  In a previously unseen turn of events, she manages to have the worst day of her life every single week as well.

“I’m done, I just don’t have what it takes to deal with all these blows life continues to throw at me.”

After a statement of this nature, she sparked a suicide prevention discussion in the posts comments.  The attention she garnered from the post managed to reach a 3rd time highest count for her.   Around 48 hours later, she posted how she has learned to “embrace life and live in passion.”  We aren’t completely sure what this statement means but the conversation in the post’s comments reveal she has, in fact, found true happiness.

The following and previous weeks had very similar situations, each outdoing the week before in both extremes.

Facebook Comments

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