Ringling Student with Crippling Social Anxiety Wonders if Girl is Mad at Him for Accidentally Brushing Against Her at Growlers Pub

Virgin Jason Schmoner, a graphic design major at Ringling College, spent his Saturday night at Growler’s Pub on Tamiami Trail watching local bands perform.  As a long time sufferer of social anxiety, Schmoner has been trying to “get out more” as his mother says he needs to do.

“I’d really like to hold a girl’s hand someday.  I’m in college now so I think I should really make it a priority.”

By just putting himself out there more he believe he can accomplish his goal.  But after a detrimental experience on Saturday night he’s just not sure it’s going to happen any time soon.

“I was trying to squeeze between the bar tables to go to the bathroom.  I had been sitting alone near the stage to look like I was into the music and not freaking out about so many people being around me and what to say to them or if I should say anything and I didn’t know how to make my legs sit and look normal.  It was rough and I needed to pee.”

On his way to the bathroom the incident occurred.  Schmoner’s left hand brushed slightly against a female’s hip.  She looked at him then looked away immediately.  Schmoner related the eye contact to “having my guts ripped out of my body with a plastic spoon while my hands are tied, I’m gagged and I can see the whole thing happening.”

Schmoner said he can’t stop thinking if she’s mad at him or not.  He’s debated in his mind for days at this point and still hasn’t reached a conclusion.  He decided to write her a letter and hopefully find her this weekend to ask her what her feelings about the situation are and if she is mad, will she forgive him.

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