Sarasota Getting Another Festival Focused on Shoes, Wine, Art or Something Like That

The first bi-annual Sarasota Spends Festival or SSF was announced today. Organizers are centering the event around “something people spend lots of money on” they told us.

“Sarasota is a great place. The people here love buying dumb shit and we can profit off that. We haven’t decided exactly what the festival will be about but we’ve already presold 400 tickets in two hours. It will probably be art or something, like those big pictures carved out of wood. Those things sell for tens of thousands of dollars and we can bust out 10 or so of them a day with a chainsaw and a couple trees.”

Residents are showing serious excitement over SSF. If it is as successful as organizers expect they say it could move from being bi-annual to monthly.

“It could reach a point where we throw the festival every day, I guess we could call it a store at that point.”

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