Sarasota Police Offer Anti-DUI Program “Drunks Driving Drunks” for NYE

You can avoid getting a DUI this New Year’s Eve by utilizing a new program that was just approved by the Florida State Legislature. “Drunks Driving Drunks” is the newest free car service that will be available during what is commonly called an “amateur alcoholic holiday.” People who have pleaded guilty to DUI in 2014 have been given the option to avoid jail time and license suspension in exchange for participating in this program.

The spokespeople for “Drunks Driving Drunks” are Michael Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzmichael. Michael told SRQnews,com that, “Holidays like New Year’s Eve, St Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are notorious for excessive drinking and driving fatalities.” The issue arises when many “amateur alcoholics” take the wheel after a long night of binge drinking. Patrick added, “We would rather have the professional alcoholics doing the driving on nights like that.”

If you find yourself under the influence of alcohol on NYE, and need a ride, you can call 1-888-DRNKDRV. Their vehicles will be staggered around town outside of most of the bars in Bradenton and Sarasota. However, you will more than likely find the drivers staggering around inside of them.

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