Sarasota Residents Troubled By Controversial Names of New Keys

In what was expected to be a highly praised and well received announcement, the new Pecker Key and Flat Sid Key names have caused turmoil.  Residents say the names can be interpreted as genital related.  Though named after two of the more interesting and exotic creatures found in the ecosystem of the area, the choices can be read the wrong way.

The Short Nubbed Wood Pecker is a truly magnificent sight.  They may be beautiful, but they are dangerous to approach and residents have been warned not to play with the peckers.  Scientists say the little peckers can gnaw an eye out in seconds.

gerblerFor the Flat Sid Toe Gerbler, named after the researcher Sid Gerbin who discovered the species in the flats of Bird Key in the 1950s, the name is less controversial but some are saying it gives reference to erectile dysfunction.

Either way, officials have heard the noise and are set to meet and discuss potential new names or possibly letting the residents vote on what they’d like the new transplanted islands to be called.

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