STUDY: New College Liberal Arts Majors Fail to Understand How Degrees Relate to Making Money in the Real World

New College of Florida school officials are adding a new class requirement to the liberal arts program at their institute.  The two semester course titled “Necessity of Skills to get a Job 200” focuses on building the ability to do something that people will actually pay money for.

“We noticed our post-graduate job numbers for liberal arts majors was extremely low compared to our other programs,” Rick Bow, Director of Academic Affairs tells us. “While our Bio majors are hitting a 75% employment rate at three months post grad, our Liberal Arts majors are actually in the negative.  Somehow they are losing jobs before they even get one.  It’s very strange and that’s why we are adjusting the program.”

While most people don’t even know what liberal arts means, we are all familiar with the term and its relation to higher education.  Our research shows even those who develop liberal arts programs and teach its courses have their own definition of what it is.  A study from 2004 shows that 98% of employed liberal arts graduates are teaching liberal arts.

In other news, has set the Guinness world record for longest headline.

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