True Reason Area Residents Pissed about New Mall Revealed, Lack of Five Chinese Restaurants

Mixed reports have been coming in over the past few weeks about exactly why local Sarasotians aren’t happy with the new University Town Center invading their city. Small business owners have been the loudest with their anger at the commercialism aspects and the killing of mom & pop style stores with corporate competition.

But a recent poll performed by SRQ News revealed the overwhelming majority of locals are primarily upset at the lack of a food court, specifically, five fast food style Chinese restaurants.

“Where’s my Asian BBQ? Where’s my Shanghai Express? Why don’t they have that Japanese place that serves the bourbon and sesame chicken? I want my three meat, one veggie combo, dammit!” wrote one anonymous pollster.

We send our investigative journalists to ten malls between Tampa and Naples, every one of them had at least 5 Asian style food court restaurants. What we found most peculiar was how these five restaurants, all next to each other, served nearly identical dishes but claimed to be from different regions and countries of Asia. At this time, we do not have an answer as to why.

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