Local Patriot Has Entire 10 Year Catalog of Funny Eagle Wrapping Paper

“I’ve been collecting since it came out in 1994,” Frank Abado (53) tells us. “Something just struck me about it when I saw it in the bargain bin at K-Mart.  I chuckled and I love America, it just made sense to get it.  When I went back the next year, they had two kinds of funny eagle wrapping paper.”

Frank doesn’t even take them out of the shrink wrap.  He’s confident the full collection in perfect condition will be a valuable inheritance for his children.  “Yea, sure, I could leave them the condo or my Apple stock from the 80’s, but I know the real treasure and this is what I will pass down my lineage.”

Frank now has 58 different funny eagle wrapping papers including his prize possession a slightly off mistake print of the funny eagle snowman day edition three which there are only five of in the world.

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