North Korea Sets Sights on Romantic Comedies

Completely overwhelmed with their successful “Hack Sony” campaign, NK officials have decided to keep the ball rolling.  After hacking Sony in order to get more points for their Playstation  3 copy of Final Fantasy, the government found a lot more than they asked for.  In attempt to test the waters, Kim Jung Un told his ministry to send a message of “terror if they don’t… uh, if they don’t… hmm, tell them not to release that movie about me!”  Absolute shock crawled across the entire staff when they watched every theater in America ban the release of “The Interview.”

Unladen with power, they have decided to ramp it up and get rid of all rom-coms.  America has become near unanimously divided on whether this is a bad thing or not, with men and women on respective sides of the fence.

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