Florida Bans Small Guns

After intense debates into the late hours on Wednesday night, Florida officials have sped legislative bill H.R.1509.IH through the law making tunnels and passed it with a decent margin of support.  Debates were primarily over what specifics defined a “small gun.”

Once the bill becomes active in early August, all Florida residents will be required to turn in any firearm that can’t fire more than 8 rounds before reloading.  All who comply will receive a complimentary M1911 pistol in return. Other banned specifications include:

  • Too much recoil
  • Not semi or fully automatic
  • Doesn’t look menacing enough in pictures


“In preparation to stop terrorism, our citizens must be ready to mow down five or six bad guys in a few seconds.  Most citizens don’t spend enough time at the range to properly aim a pistol.  With a fully automatic M4 or AK-47 those fuckers don’t stand a chance!” Sarasota City Councilman, James Retgurd tells us.

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