Sarasota Officials Install Laser Beam System to Control Traffic on Tamiami Trail

The new traffic control system from ARLAZ Enterprises has been contracted by SRQ officials to help handle the out of control traffic situation on Highway 41 from North Venice to Bradenton.

The towers installed near busy intersections detect drivers who are actively using a handheld, mobile device while driving as well as slow drivers.

“It’s illegal to drive more than 15 mph under the speed limit and these drivers are causing massive delays in residents getting anywhere.” Explains traffic patrol officer Gruntz.

The lasers are designed to cause minimal damage to the vehicle and any passengers but the driver will be obliterated immediately into a vaporous gas, “the gas conversion is green and does not pollute the atmosphere” we have been informed by an ARLAZ employee.

The biggest obstacle is how to handle the now driverless vehicles.  ARLAZ implemented a roadside crane claw similar to those you find in Wal-Marts nationwide.  Other city governments that have installed this system report the claw works better than those you get stuffed animals with but are still pretty clumsy and miss their target often.  But overall, the traffic issues have been shown to decrease at an average of 18%.

“It’s not a complete solution, but it is a big step forward in facing our traffic problems in Sarasota.”

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